After many years of working as a musician, producer, arranger, composer, orchestrator, recording engineer, and live sound mixer, in 2002, I opened the doors of Rip Street Audio; a small and efficient project studio dedicated to providing music composition, sound design, and implementation for video games.

I've had the opportunity to work on large, AAA projects; medium-size, "indy" ventures; and really small, garage-size undertakings; providing audio leadership, original music, sound design, voice-over, dialog editing and implementation. So far, counting a bunch of casual games for phones and browsers, over 50 games shipped.


A few kind words:

“Rob’s work in game audio is second to none.”

John Szeder, Executive Producer,Seismic Studios

“I have used Rip Street Audio for game projects big and small.  Rob is a musician, but he is also a technician when it comes to getting the right sound, sounding right, on any platform.”

Rick Marazzani, CEO, iQ212

“Rob’s organization was refreshing. He was consistently on time and on target with complete project visibility at all times.  He also went above and beyond the call of duty to produce sounds and music that dramatically improved the ambience of our game.”

V Andre Lowe, President, Gaucho Games

“Rob’s enthusiasm and dedication to the ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ project was unsurpassed.  He is welcome, unconditionally, on any of my future projects.”

Brad Spear, Audio Director, The Whole Experience, Inc. (WXP)


Rob Pearsall

Rip Street Audio
North Bend, WA