Sound Design

Sound Replacement Reel (Brink Trailer)

I stripped the soundtrack out of this video and replaced it with a completely original sound design. All the sounds were recorded by me except for the weapons, bullets, and firearm Foley. These I purchased from a very good sound library company, but only used the source files - all design is my own.


Sound Replacement Reel v.3 (Brink Trailer) from Rob Pearsall on Vimeo.

(This video clip is used here only for demonstration purposes.  All ‘Brink’ copyrights are the property of Bethesda Softworks.)



I don't remember who made these, but they're very clever. They used my vocalizations, just like in the game, to tell the viewer wacky things. All the audio is from in-game.



NECROPOLIS - Trailers from Rob Pearsall on Vimeo.


FALCON AGE - Trailer

I did the sound design on this trailer using audio assets, that I made, from the game. Wrote the music too.


FALCON AGE - Trailer from Rob Pearsall on Vimeo.


BATTLETECH Audio - Gameplay

A video capture to demonstrate the various audio components of BattleTech: UI, VO, ambiences, movement, weapons, and attenuations.


BattleTech Audio - Gameplay from Rob Pearsall on Vimeo.



Rob Pearsall

Rip Street Audio
North Bend, WA